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The WVU Rhododendron Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary is an organization that represents the top 1% of student leaders that live on-campus at colleges and universities. The purpose is to provide great service and recognition opportunities to our campus. NRHH works with RHA at the local, regional, and national levels.

Of the Months (OTMs) are a resource for ANYONE to recognize a person, organization, or program on a campus, regional, and national level. OTMs are small essays that promote WVU and the amazing students, staff, faculty and programs held on our campus. Submissions can be completed on the OTM website listed below. You must create an account first in order to submit OTMs.

Submit OTMs here:

Executive Board:
President - Grant Duvall -
VP of Membership - Nathan Musser - nlm0015@mix.wv
VP of Recognition - Spencer Dublin -
VP of Service & Scholastics - Hunter Moore -
VP of Finances & Records - Natalie Ott -

If you have questions regarding OTMs or NRHH in general, please contact NRHH at