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About RHA

Our Mission: The mission of the Residence Hall Association is to be the student voice in the Residence Halls while providing quality programming and leadership opportunities.

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The West Virginia University Residence Hall Association is a student organization made up of leaders living in the WVU Residence Halls. Each WVU Residence Hall has its own Community Council that meets to advocate for the needs of their community and plan fun and engaging events. The leaders of each Community Council make up the Residence Hall Association general body that meets biweekly to secure additional funding for Residence Hall Events, advocate for their community, network with leaders from other Residence Hall Communities, and travel for free to regional and national student leadership conferences. This fun and engaging experience is a great way to begin your leadership development as a WVU Freshmen. Participation in your Residence Hall community Council and in the Residence Hall Association is a great way to begin working on skills necessary for a future Resident Assistant (RA) position and your resume.


Our Purpose: To serve as the umbrella organization for all Community Councils and other housing-based groups; to provide quality programs to the residents of all residence halls; to develop the leadership skills necessary for the future of the WVU community; to provide a liaison between student residents and Residential Education; to act as a forum for the exchange of ideas; to allocate funds to Community Councils and residents for programs and services beneficial to residents; to facilitate communication between Community Councils, residence hall residents, and the entire Residential Learning Community; and to foster the idea that the students and organizations within RHA are accountable to the University and the entire Residential Learning Community.